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for Active Directory

Biometric Authentication System

Security and Password Replacement

U.are.U Pro is a biometric authentication system for large and small enterprises that want to eliminate the burdens and security problems of password-based logon. U.are.U Pro uses advanced fingerprint recognition technology to heighten security and replace passwords. U.are.U Pro for Active Directory is specifically designed to take full advantage of the enterprise-class directory services and management capabilities of Microsoft ®Windows 2000 Active Directory.

The Password Security Problem

Most organizations face increasing pressure to secure access to their network and applications. Their efforts are constrained by the practices of frustrated users who create trivial passwords or write them on Post-it notes. Password-based user authentication remains the weakest link in the security chain and a large burden for end-users and IT support staff. 

Biometric Authentication with DigitalPersona Pro

U.are.U Pro utilizes state of the art fingerprint recognition to allow users to securely and quickly logon with the touch of their finger. Unlike password and token based authentication, biometric authentication is based on who you are. Only biometric authentication eliminates the burden and usage problems associated with passwords and tokens. The entire fingerprint recognition subsystem, including the optics, firmware, driver and the software recognition engine, is designed and optimized by DigitalPersona™ for unmatched performance. With the first touch of your finger, and over time with many users, you’ll experience why U.are.U fingerprint recognition technology is consistently rated the best in the industry.

Password Replacement

Imagine never having to remember or type a password again. The One Touch™ security applications securely store user passwords and lock them with the users unique fingerprint. Easier to remember and much more secure than passwords, users access the network and applications with a tap of their finger. Best of all, the software is easy to set-up and requires no scripting or programming.

Heightened Security

Enforcing password security is nearly impossible. U.are.U Pro makes it easy for users to maintain security because it’s based on who they are (not what they can remember). U.are.U Pro also delivers additional security capabilities, such as two factor authentication, to support a full range of security needs. Furthermore, U.are.U Pro is a highly secure, end-to-end system. From the sensor to the server database, the system uses encryption and data signature technology to preserve privacy and system integrity.

Easy to Own

Beyond the benefits of heightened security and convenient logon, you’ll also appreciate how easy it is to own U.are.U Pro. The system management capabilities support the largest enterprise deployments and will provide lower support costs than password-based authentication.


System Security

Server-Based Authentication

Data Encryption Data Encryption

• User data (passwords, fingerprints)

• Client-server communication

• 128-bit RSA RC4 stream encryption

Data Signature

• User data (passwords, fingerprints)

• 1024-bit RSA signature

Data Access Control

DigitalPersona Pro Server

Database Support

• Windows Active Directory

• Windows user record extension

• Schema extension utility

• Access control

Fault Tolerance

• System data replication

• Using Active Directory replication services

• Automatic failover


• Up to 100,000 users per network

• Up to 1,000 users per Pro Server

• Load balancing between Pro Servers


• Native Windows management via Group Policy Object (GPO) editor integrated with Active Directory

Administrator Access Rights

• Supports Windows Server delegated administration

Security Settings

• Cached credentials

• Authentication policies

• Server authentication

• Fingerprint False Accept Rate (FAR) settings

Performance Settings

• Logon identification list

• Maximum fingers per user


• Attended registration

• Self-registration


• Centralized audit logs

– Domain-wide support

• All authentication and user record modification

events logged in Windows Event Log

DigitalPersona Pro Workstation

Windows Logon

• Logon to local PC and domain accounts

• User identification/authentication

Application Logon

Logon to Applications

• Fingerprint verification of current Windows user

• Supports Windows logon screens

• Web site logons

• No scripting or programming required

Remote Installation

• Supports MSI-compatible installers

• Supports Windows 2000, 2003 GPO installation

Deployment Options

• Standalone desktop PC

• Networked desktop PC

• Networked PC with Server

• Laptop PC (docked/undocked)

• IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad notebook with embedded fingerprint swipe reader

Biometric Software Features

• Fingerprint recognition engine

• Local- or server-based authentication


DigitalPersona Pro Server Software*

• PC with Pentium Processor

• Microsoft® Windows 2003 Server™ or 2000 Server (Standard Server and Enterprise Server only. Pro Server does not support Small Business Server.)

• Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or 2000 Server Active Directory

• 10 MB of available hard disk space

• Additional 1K-5K hard disk space per user

*Installs on Windows Domain Controller

DigitalPersona Pro Workstation Software

• PC with Pentium 233MHz or higher

• Microsoft Windows 98*, Me*, NT 4.0, 2000, XP

• 128 MB of RAM or above

• 52 MB of available hard disk space

• CD-ROM drive for installation

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 browser or later**

*Requires Windows Active Directory Client for Windows 98.

**When using One Touch SignOn and One Touch Internet

Supported Readers

• DigitalPersona U.are.U

• IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad notebook with embedded

fingerprint swipe reader


• DigitalPersona Pro Server

• DigitalPersona Pro Workstation Reader Package

• DigitalPersona Pro Workstation Keyboard Package

• DigitalPersona Pro Workstation Client Software

• DigitalPersona Pro SDK

Maintenance and Support agreements available through authorized reseller or contact

Digital Persona Sales Support (US) for more information.

Technical assistance available through authorized reseller or through Digital Persona Technical Support online at


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