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Server software to better manager the performance and availability of multiple heterogeneous devices over the Internet

HelloDevice IDE

Client/Server software with MMI (Man-Machine Interface) feature

COMport Redirector - Serial/IP for Serial Servers

PC software for shared access to remote serial lines located on a TCP/IP-based serial server. 

Free Utility Software

Utility Software is a free Windows-based configuration program for the HelloDevice product family to enable users to remotely configure single or multiple units of the HelloDevice at the same time, to store configuration parameters as a file on users' PC, and to remotely reboot the HelloDevice.

  HelloDevice Manager HelloDevice Utility
  • Probe the HelloDevice on the network
  • Set up parameters
  • Save parameters on user's PC
  • Reboot the HelloDevice
  • Set up the IP address
  • Set up the serial port parameters
  • Set up the TCP/IP host mode parameters
  • Set up the device web page
Supported HelloDevice
  • Lite series: LS100, LS100B
  • Mini series: MS100, MS100B
  • Pro series: PS100, PS100B, PS200, PS400
  • Master series: SS100, SS400, SS800
  • HD1x00 Sereis
  • HD132x Series
Supported O/S
  • Windows 98/ME
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Windows 98/ME
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
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